Secret Read-throughs. For Writers to Move Forward with a Fresh Perspective

A read through at Storybookers


We film or sound record a read-through for you to review later.

You'll see where things are taking shape (which is often where it's least expected) and why sometimes your favourite sections do not transfer well when interpreted. Armed with this insight you will be able to move forward with a fresh perspective. 

  •  Sit in, watch it later or listen to it on a recording.
  •  By listening to your current draft and hearing your characters come to life you will get a clearer picture of where your piece is strong and simply what's not working. 

Why be anonymous?

Some writers prefer to be absent so comments and feedback from actors are unrestricted. 
This also works well for writers who live too far to travel.
We send you a recording of the read through along with all the feedback and comments, even those made in the tea break.

sc 1 INT.       A London studio               Day                     

Actors are sitting around a table recording a read through. They are relaxed and professional.