Free Storytelling in Libraries  - You Benefit and Your Local Library Benefits

By what percentage did the book-issue rate increase to after a storytelling session  in a children's library? 

a) 27%?    b)  47%   or  c)  57%.     (hint: these are all wrong - too low!   Try  67%)

Support your local library! 

We all understand the great role our local libraries play in the education of our young people.  We also know that they are under threat.  Increase the book issue rate and cultivate children's love of reading and life-long learning by holding your next literacy sessions at your local library. 

We make it easy to organise.

  • Take things to the next level and support a valuable community resource at the same time.
  • Get out of the classroom for the day and inspire children with a new learning experience.  
  • Empower children by showing them how they can tap into a tremendous source of knowledge and encourage learning outside of school hours.

Free Storytelling in Libraries 

 Libraries Under Threat

We all understand the great role our local libraries play in our communities.  We also know that they are under threat.  Since April 2011 over 300 have been closed down and there are more closures on the way.  Norman's storytelling session have been one of the latest initiatives which has helped to safeguard this vital public resource by more than doubling the book issue rates.  >>>

Library confirms that the day's book issue rate in the children's library increased by 67%. 

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 Be a Story Angel  

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