Courtauld Institute: Conway Storytelling - Layers of London 2021

The Conway Storyteller ‘virtual talking library’ event "Layers of London at the Conway Library" features five Conway Storytellers, sharing stories of social, cultural, and political history, personal memories, and creative and verbatim-inspired tales about London. 

Courtauld Institute: Conway Storytelling - Being Human Festival 2020

The Conway Storyteller ‘virtual talking library’ event

Storytellers gave short talks based on photos form the Courtauld’s Conway Library collections.  Talks are related to the theme Architecture of the Future, past and present.

"That was wicked!"   " Wow"   "How did he do that?!"

What would our world be without stories?  How do we save our libraries?

7 year olds enjoying an Anansi Tale in the Authentic Jeli Style. Storyteller: Norman Bailey. These sessions help to increase the book issue rate, inspire a love of reading and boost literacy whilst warding off library closures.

Storytelling at Tate Modern

The artist Man Ray is best known for his highly sylised 'solarised' photography.   But he was  also a renowned surrealist painter and sculptor.  

In this tateshots special  Norman Bailey and a number of other art lovers discuss one of Man Ray's most Iconic works, The Lover (1933).

Listen to the full audiobook of 

Anansi - A world Without Stories  


A World Without Stories - Anansi tales.mp3

'Anasi, where are all the stories', bellowed the Sky god.

'I do not know',  Anansi replied, with a whimper.

Because you took the stories without permission, now all the stories are gone.  So there'll be no more stories for you and no more stories for anyone else.  Unless...

Are we destined to live in a world without sories?  Or can Anansi do what it takes to get them back?

Listen to Anansi - A World Without Stories to find out. 

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