Secret read through   (Final Draft) 

CUT TO:  A Writer's Office. 

An empty bottle lies on the desk a few awards and trophies are resting on the mantlepiece. 

A WRITER, is watching the previous scene on a computer screen. 

We HEAR lines from the actors voices. 

Their words are shown on the left side of the screen.


A Tom CAT enters and lays across the keyboards.

     CAT (sighs in relief)

      Finally some one will say out 

      loud how that scene stinks. 

INT: The London Studio 

The writer reaches for some chocolate and shoots a glance at the mantelpiece for support.

The actors are clearly grappling with the work.


I'm not sure this works.

INT: The Writers Office


No.  You are just slow.

CAT tries to write "false epiphany" on the keyboard.

INT: The Writers Office


Improv the intention 

 See if it sells.


The actors try the improv. They are laughing. In a good way. They begin praising a few killer lines written in the script.

INT: The Writers Office    Moments later


(blows out sharply)

Impressive work 


The writer gets up and starts dusting the trophies. The Golf Pub Quiz 2005 begins to gleam.

Writer (CONT)

I get to feel I've been on a journey, 

grown as a writer

and found resolution. 

The writer, in a flurry of inspiration, sets back to work.



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