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Activities and Events


Examples of the best in classic and contemporary children's book illustrations will be on display. The event will feature material from the Picture This: Children's Illustrated Classics exhibit, which has been kindly donated by the British Library.  It features instantly recognisable images from family favourites including: Wind in the Willows, the Just So stories, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory  and many more.

Also on display will be original artwork of some the UK's leading children's book illustrators.  Many of these works are from Haringey libraries own collection.  Others will be co- curated by young art lovers through our Junior Curators Programme. 

Live Performances

Lively Performance storytelling, World music and spoken word events will take place throughout the run of the show.  

Talks and Workshops

Writers, illustrators and other creative industry professionals will share their knowledge and offer advice to both keen amateur artists and anyone planning to take up a career in the creative industries.  

Young Storytellers workshops

In the run up to the event we will work with schools and community groups to create new storytellers. They will receive guidance and support from industry professionals in the field of:

  •  Creative writing
  • Publishing
  •  Illustration
  •  Drama

Young people will then be given the opportunity to showcase their newly developed skills at special events during the Story Gallery run.

Young Art Lovers:

Junior Curators Programme

This is a unique opportunity for the young people to increase their engagement with and enjoyment of the visual arts.  They will work with gallery curators to select works for inclusion in the show.

Gather Close and Listen well

to The Story of

Anansi and the Sky God - A World Without Stories 

Retold by Norman Bailey

Anansi - Norman Bailey

A World Without Stories - Anansi tales.mp3

Norman Bailey - Storytelling

A free Family event designed to encourage children and young people to engage enthusiastically with literature, creativity and lifelong learning.

Come along and enjoy a variety of spoken word and musical performances, exhibitions and fun creative workshops.  Some of the UK's leading  illustrators writers and storytellers will treat visitors to the best that children's literature has to offer.

We want to encourage you to indulge your creativity and showcase your literary, visual art and performing skills.  So we have put together activities, which will inspire you to broaden broaden horizons and allow you to Shine.

Entrance to the exhibition is free and there are a limited number of free storytelling workshops, authors' talks and readings.  To keep up to date with Story Gallery event and to find out how you can benefit please contact: or register below.


Activities For Schools 

1. Gallery visits: 

  • School groups can visit the exhibition and library by arrangement. 

  • Schools can create stories inspired by characters, settings and events depicted in illustrations in the exhibition and can stage performances in the gallery. 

*Anansi is part of this year's Summer Reading Challenge -    The Mythical Maze

2. Storytelling performances and workshops:

  • Performances of the traditional story *Anansi and the Sky God will take place in the gallery.

  • Storytelling and story-making workshops, based on this story, are also available (places are limited so please register your interest early so that you don't miss out.)



For this generation of young people, and future generations, being a confident all-round communicator is crucial.  

People use to say, ‘children should be seen and not heard.’  Now they say, ‘Speak up!’

It's becoming apparent that the decline in many traditional employment sectors, and the growth of the creative and service sectors, means that children need a greater command of their 'soft skills'.

We feel that empowering young people with a greater command of the full spectrum of literacy and communication skills is essential to their future development and wellbeing. 



We are aware of the problem of children's lack of engagement with books and reading. The problems of declining literacy levels, especially amongst boys who consider reading 'very uncool', are well documented.   Story Gallery has been set up to challenge that perception and to encourage young people to strengthen their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. 

The activities in and around Story Gallery are a focal point for change in aspirations and skills, which will equip our young people with the tools they need to live happy, fulfilling lives and enable them to make a positive contribution to their community.

Story Gallery activities will ignite and challenge children's natural curiosity by utilizing engaging multiple communication styles and fun child-initiated participatory activities. This level of involvement gives them a sense of ownership, which leads to a much-needed boost to their self-esteem and will strengthen their future development.

Story Gallery

The Story Gallery Team

The Story Gallery brings together a diverse group of creative industry professionals, knowledge workers, teachers, local business, and community leaders. Our aim is to encourage arts organisations, schools, libraries, and our community to work in harmony to ensure a safer more cohesive society.  We strive for excellence in all our community investment activities and develop our ideas accordingly.

This latest idea is an extension of our past successful library-based youth arts and literature programmes. We are excited about going forward with this project because of its far-reaching benefits to the development of young people, our borough, and the community at large.

Our main concern is how we can use, not lose, valuable human and public resources. We work in partnership to:

  • Inspire young people and to give them a voice
  •  Bring exceptional art and exceptional art practices to the wider community
  • Create lasting sustainable bonds between the arts, libraries, schools and the wider community
  • Make learning fun and accessible to everyone

Story Gallery

Storybookers would like to thank :


The British Library

B Murphy & Co

The Big Green Bookshop

Haringey Council

For their kind support of the Story Gallery project.

Story Gallery - Norman Bailey

Story Gallery


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