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The love singing Method

If you've been wondering where the vocal techniques you've been doing  come from,  they come from the Love Singing Method.

I been developing and using this method for 5 years.  And as well as the TuneIn choir I've help Proffessional singers,  community choirs, TV presenter,  and mums who just want to sing lullabies to their kids, use their voices with unlock their true voice.

We've been on this journey for a year now so you will know that I firmly believe that everyone can sing.  And that what happens through a persons' lifetime is that they learn how not to sing or how to sing badly.   It not as easy to unlock potntial in a group situation as in a 1-2-1 session but the no one can deny the progress made my the members in our little troupe.

Those who have had 1-2-1 session appreciate the benefits of receiving guidance geared to their individual needs.  The 5 minute 1-2-1 sessions made a difference to so imagine what can be achieve in a full session.  


Find out more about Love Singing Method Here

Use the for opposite to send any questions you may have about:

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  • voice group
  • singing excersises 

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Extra Toolkit stuff

Hi TuneIN Singers

Here's a little guide to how to get the best out of the  music files.  

I've made it as easy to follow as possible.  

If you have any questions just pop them into the form below the video.

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