Find out how to become outstanding

We've listened to teacher's concerns about how best to move forward in the years ahead.  They challenges they face from an ever-changing education system, an uncertain job market and young people who often don't seem to believe the education they are receiving will serve them well in the future.


We've worked with inspirational educators who have begun to feel the enthusiasm they once held for their chosen profession ebbing away.  

We know tat effective schools create lessons inspire, challenge and enthuse their students.  They engage multiple styles of learning, blend subjects into meaningful experiences and make the most of children's natural curiosity.  

These programmes are developed to go along with the curriculum and support the key social themes most relevant to those taking part.  

Stories can be developed as solo projects or as whole class projects.  Programme facilitators will work alongside participants to create support material for later use in classroom

These activities are the focal point for change in aspiration and skill, which will ignite and challenge their natural curiosity by utilising multiple communication styles and fun child-initiated participatory activities.   which will equip children and young people with the tools they need to live happy, fulfilling lives.  

Our teachers' training programmes have grown out feedback and questions from teachers and from what children have enjoyed from the school experience. 

 you asked how performance style storyteller can be used to introduce themes and spice things up in the classroom.   

Story Maker

Children will learn new ways to develop their creativity by researching and and learning how to tell compelling stories These can either be trdaitional tales or their own creations,  pure fantasy or true-to-life. 

These programme will encourage young people to achieve excellence in the main areas they will need to successfully compete in a job market increasing geared towards the knowledge and creative industries.  Employers are calling out for more well-rounded communication skills.  With most literacy programs geared towards reading we feel it's time to broaden the net to include more aspects of the literacy spectrum.

 They will boost their cooperation and social interaction skills as they learn to listen to each other and work together to create performance that are fun and meaningful to them.  They will develop their comprehension and critical thinking as they dig down into stories to unearth the true meaning hidden underneath.

We want children to indulge their creativity to the fullest and showcase their literary talents so we have create a series of engaging programmes designed bring out the best in our young people and 

Get to the root of true self expression and bring out your real creative genius. This programme is designed to teach children and educators how to become confident and engaging communicators, great writers and captivating performers.  Our workshops provide safe nurturing environments in which children can develop many of key social skills they will need in later life.  They will learn age appropropriate research techniques, how to develop engaging creative writing and how to deliver a truly commanding performance.

Make a Difference

Once children and teachers have a frame of reference for the storytelling mode of learning we go deeper.  We will help you design programmes that will show how best to use interactive story telling technique to bring about positive change in you school and the wider community.

Designed to bring teacher and student closer together and share in the education process.