"They looked to the past and by reclaiming their old traditions of oral storytelling, they could indeed brighten their future."

 Once upon a time there was a man called Norman who loved stories and playing playing music.

One day he met a lady called Tanya and taught her how to sing. 

Years later (after the most romantic wedding ever in the whole wide world) they decided to help spread the joys of telling stories. Norman went into schools and libraries and Tanya began to tell families about their new adventure creating traditional and digital family storybooks.

And then something magical happened. A crew of highly gifted people appeared. Not only were they talented: they did something with their talents, and how!

And so Storybookers was born

Children began to learn all sorts of ways to communicate and believe in themselves. Literacy began to soar. Families got together and created their own family books (some even asking Storybookers to come back and help them record more stories). Merchants, sole traders, creatives and entrepreneurs asked Storybookers how to use the power of the story to slay their dragons and flourish.  

Oral storytelling, that had been dying in certain lands, came back to life. The people who reclaimed these ways began to realise that it helped shape and empower their destinies. 

It seemed that in the era of the digital age people needed to go back to face to face communication. They looked to the past and by reclaiming their old traditions of oral storytelling, they could indeed brighten their future. The people at Storybookers made it easy and fun to do. 

You see, people understand things better and will do what you want them to more easily if you give them a good story.  

What happened in the end?  

Everyone lived very happily ever after, becoming great storytellers themselves, updating their family storybooks, taking their children to libraries to see their local storyteller and keeping their ties strong in their social and business lives by going on Storybooker workshops.

And what happened to Tanya and Norman, her beloved harmonica player?  They began to share their stories with children from other lands to inspire them too. She began to write stories for film played by some of the most glorious actors of the day and Norman went on to become the greatest (and most handsome) storyteller that ever walked the earth.