Storytelling Agency 

Book a storyteller. Bringing storytellers into new and traditional arenas - Create your happy endings!

Contrary to common misconceptions: storytellers do more than read from books - they engage their audience to create really memorable tales. Everyone loves a great story well told.

From traditional folk tales to contemporary masterpieces. We find the right storyteller for you.

With bespoke packages please plan ahead! 

Allocate a few weeks for us to research, collect anecdotes and interview people who are part of the story.

We then help you find the most suitable storyteller for your event and endeavour to create the best story possible to mark the occasion.

Bespoke Packages

People love recognising themselves in an entertaining tale. They enjoy being acknowledged and affirmed through your display of appreciation. Storytelling by charismatic people brings people together and helps make them  feel part of the bigger picture.

For engagement parties and weddings

We collect anecdotes of the merging families and create a captivating story. It's a great way to become familiar with the in-laws, helps to strengthen bonds and takes some pressure off newlyweds who are keen for everyone to get on.

For Businesses: at product launches, office parties and AGM's

The Company Journey told as an enticing adventure story boosts morale and gets the future chapter understood whilst displaying your appreciation in a way packed with meaning.

Let us entertain your guests so you can sit back and enjoy the occasion too!